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Rating : 5 Dentures and Partials Brentwood - 5 Star Rating Review

"Did the staff make you feel uncomfortable when you called with questions or concerns? Not at all! They were happy to address every concern I had"

Brentwood Family Dental

Rating : 5 Dentures and Partials Brentwood - 5 Star Rating Review

"The Best Dentist ever! Painless and flawless work. I have never had such a Wonderful Dentist. You can't mess with the Best! His staff is wonderful his work impeccable, He is Fabulous!! Thank you Thanks Doc!"
Dentures and Partials Brentwood - Dentures and Partials before and after the treatment
These are actual patients treated by Dr. Jamil Alkhoury - "Before" and "after" results may not occur for all patients.
Dentures are prostheses used to replace missing teeth - a removable set of artificial teeth, full or partial. It's a concept which has existed for hundreds of years, for patients who have lost many or all of their natural teeth from health problems or trauma.

As for partials, they can be with metal supporting frame or completely resin based acrylic material such as Valplast. At Brentwood Family Dental we take our time to customize each option according to the patients needs. Dr. Alkhoury also provides options for implant supported dentures in which case implants are surgically placed in the bone and the denture snaps on after providing the proper attachments. Such dentures are recommended for patients who lack bone support to provide enough denture stability.

We'll save as many of your existing teeth possible for additional support. Using impressions of your entire mouth, working with a lab we'll create plates to fit securely and comfortably. Others won't even know you have dentures.

Dentures can be considered cosmetic dentistry. Losing teeth can have a devastating effect on your self- esteem. Having a full set of natural-looking teeth improves facial appearance and supports soft tissues, preventing a collapsed look from missing teeth.

But the benefits go beyond confidence from an attractive smile. Dentures restore vital functions such as phonetics - speaking clearly so that others may understand you, and mastication- the ability to chew food properly for enjoyment and good digestion.

Brentwood Family Dental has a long and successful record of designing dentures. We can expertly fit patients with their dentures in as little as two visits. It's convenient and few adjustments are necessary - our dentures fit perfectly. We meet and exceed the expectations of our patients.
Dentures and Partials Brentwood - A happy client
These video testimonials are from actual patients treated by Dr. Alkhoury after their consent to display their testimonials , results are not the same and may vary.
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Rating 5 Brentwood Family Dental, Dr. Jamil Alkhoury reviews
"The best dentist and office staff in the world!! I drive 4 hours from Northern Nevada to Brentwood for my dental needs. They are always so gentle and very interested in you. No pain ever and I had several crowns, root canals and deep cleanings done and not once did I experience pain and even afterward no soreness or pain. It may sound funny to say, But I love my dentist and his office staff!!"
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