Brentwood area practice offers gentle dentistry for the entire family

Brentwood area practice offers gentle dentistry for the entire familyFamilies in the Brentwood, California area who are interested in quality dental care are encouraged to learn more about Brentwood Family Dental. Dr. Jamil Alkhoury and his team are dedicated to assisting others in achieving a beautiful smile while still offering gentle care and attention. From general to cosmetic dentistry, patients can enjoy a wide range of solutions for their smiles, whether they need to improve its health or the appearance.

What services are offered?


Patients can address a myriad of dental issues with the assistance of Brentwood Family Dental. We assist both children and adults. Here is a list of just a few of the treatment options that can be requested in our practice:


  • Dental implants/Tooth in a Day – titanium posts called implants can be placed into the jaw bone and used to replace one or more teeth. Some patients can enjoy “teeth in a day” and have the entire process done in one visit.
  • Dental crowns – crowns are used in general and cosmetic dentistry. These ceramic caps cover teeth that are broken, stained, or in need of repair or protection.
  • Dental bridges – replacing one or more teeth can be done with the use of bridges, restorations fabricated from crowns and false teeth called pontics fused together and placed over the adjacent teeth.
  • Teeth whitening – improving the brilliance of the smile is achieved with professional- teeth whitening.
  • Root canal therapy – addressing an infected tooth can be done with the use of root canal therapy.
  • Composite resin bonding – applying this putty-like material to the teeth to cover imperfections is one way of addressing cosmetic problems that negatively impact the smile.
  • Porcelain veneers – these ceramic facings are custom-made to cover problem areas including stained, broken, or misshapen teeth.


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Brentwood area dentist encourages patients to consider professional teeth whitening for real results

Teeth Whitening BrentwoodA beautiful, dazzling smile exudes beauty and confidence. Over the years, the natural tooth enamel, which is porous in nature, may begin to stain and discolor due to foods and drinks. Some patients may naturally have darker teeth because of genetics. Whatever the reason, a whiter smile is often desired by these patients who want a more attractive look. This is when procedures such as professional teeth whitening are considered.

What makes professional whitening different?

While there are several over-the-counter treatment options for patients who want to brighten their smiles, many of these fall short of providing desirable results. Dr. Jamil Alkhoury and his team work closely with patients to determine if they may be better suited for professional-grade products. These products are higher in concentration for faster and longer-lasting results than anything available at the local drug store.

What types of whitening are available?

Dr. Jamil Alkhoury offers two whitening options for his patients – the take-home whitening kits and the in-office power bleaching. Both are quality ways to achieve the results desired without wasting money on subpar kits available at the local drugstore. The in-office power bleaching allows patients to brighten their smiles within just a few hours with a full cleaning and whitening session. The results are long-lasting and easy to achieve. The take-home kits include trays that are custom made using impressions of the teeth. These are utilized in the privacy of one’s own home with professional-strength gels.

If you are ready to take the first step in enhancing your teeth and enjoying a more brilliantly beautiful smile, now is a great time to get started with a professional team. Contact Brentwood Family Dental today by speaking with our front office team and booking a consultation visit. During this time, the dentist will provide a full evaluation and discuss with patients whether they are appropriate candidates for whitening. Call (925) 344-5296 and make an appointment.