The Importance of a Regular Dental Check Ups and Good Oral Care Habits in Brentwood

Good Oral Care Habits

Your smile is important. Not only is it a critical part of your appearance that can improve your self-esteem and confidence, but your mouth and teeth also give you the ability to eat and to speak. Keeping your smile looking good can improve your confidence which leads to better business and professional relationships. Meanwhile keeping your mouth healthy has a direct impact on your overall health and wellbeing. Many studies have shown that gum inflammation or infection of the mouth can reach your bloodstream and lead to health concerns such as strokes, heart disease, and diabetes. By ensuring that your mouth says free of tooth decay and gum disease, you can improve your chances of better overall wellness.


Dr. Jamil Alkhoury of Brentwood Family Dental is committed to helping patients improve the health of their mouth by providing them with the skills and knowledge that they need to care for their teeth and gums. This includes education about potential oral health problems, tips for how to avoid those problems, advice about proper nutrition, and help mastering techniques such as brushing and flossing. Further, through regular dental checkups, the team can help ensure that a patient’s at-home oral habits are working and can quickly spot any trouble areas before they progress into bigger problems.


Dr. Alkhoury works with patients of all ages – from children who are just cutting their first set of teeth to adults who have been brushing for many years. As a family practice, Dr. Alkhoury is able to develop relationships with the families that come to him for dental care. He understands the family history and builds a trusting relationship with the entire family.  He and the Brentwood Family Dental team are available to help parents learn how to help their children adopt good oral care habits, while also ensuring that their own mouths, and bodies, stay healthy.


If you live in the Brentwood area and are looking for more information about keeping your family’s oral health in top shape, or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Alkhoury call our office today.