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In today?s society, we are consistently showered with images of beautiful people with brilliant white, perfect smiles. We see this so often that we may assume everyone, but us was born with great teeth. The truth is there are many people who are dissatisfied with some aspect of their smile. Whether misalignment, dull color, or gaps affect the way you feel about your smile, cosmetic dental services from Dr. Alkhoury in Oakley, CA can produce the transformation you desire.

The field of cosmetic dentistry is different from general dentistry in that the primary focus is the cosmetic improvement of the smile. Our natural tendency is to smile when we feel positive emotions that we want to share or acknowledge. This tendency should not be stifled due to embarrassment. It is understandable, however, why you may not smile freely when you are embarrassed about your teeth. The problem is that there are consequences of hiding the smile.

People who smile frequently are viewed as having certain traits, especially when the smile is attractive. Likewise, hiding the smile also sends messages. The less a person smiles, the more he or she is seen as unfriendly, overly serious, timid, or even angry. These traits may not describe you at all, yet your lack of smiling may be perceived in a negative way. Addressing issues in your smile that leave you feeling dissatisfied can change your life because when you feel better about your smile, you will share it freely and others will get to see the real you.

Dr. Alkhoury takes great pleasure in enhancing the smiles of his patients. His extensive background in dentistry gives him a deeper understanding of the various cosmetic treatments effective at transforming smiles. With the right cosmetic dental treatment, you can discover your most attractive smile. Our team believes a beautiful smile should not be out of reach for any of our patients. When you visit Dr. Alkhoury, a plan for your ideal smile can be developed and carefully completed.

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