Cosmetic dentistry treatments in our office near Walnut Creek are popular with men, too!

Traditionally, cosmetic services of any kind have been associated mainly with women. Times are changing, however. Today, legions of men are making their way to their cosmetic medical and dental practitioners for enhancements that build confidence in their image.

Men and women alike find appearance an important factor in professional and personal success, a fact that has been validated in polls and research studies relating to smile aesthetics. A great number of poll respondents report, in various surveys, that a person with an attractive smile is perceived as more friendly and welcoming, healthy, and sincere. In the professional arena, an attractive smile communicates confidence and success, and is actually quite adept at opening all the right doors. It makes sense to pay close attention to these reports when you wish to interact positively in your personal and professional life.

Concern over appearance has largely been viewed as a "woman thing" for ages. In fact, many men are equally dissatisfied when they begin to experience changes to their physical appearance. Thanks to the many advances in medicine and dentistry, these changes can be successfully addressed. Though men and women may seek different types of cosmetic treatments, and may do so for different reasons, the fact is that men love the advantages that come with personal enhancement. Some of the most significant improvements can come from cosmetic dentistry treatments with Dr. Alkhoury in our office near Walnut Creek, helping men feel more confident and secure in their competitive edge.

Survey results suggest that men tend to translate an attractive smile to success, both personal and professional. We cannot deny that our smile directly affects our personal image, and is a major part of how we communicate, both verbally and non-verbally. Addressing cosmetic smile concerns proves greatly beneficial.

Dr. Alkhoury is an experienced cosmetic dentist who offers a variety of treatments to help our patients feel great about their smiles. Making even subtle changes to teeth can help both men and women feel better about their smile, and more confident in their careers, in social interactions, and in business dealings.

Our patients are treated with a high standard of care that meets their needs for smile enhancement. Contact Brentwood Family Dental for your consultation with Dr. Alkhoury.

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