Proper care of your dental bridge can help you avoid replacement with your dentist near Discovery Bay, CA

When a tooth or teeth have been damaged, your dentist considers the most conservative options before choosing restorations like dental crowns. When a tooth or teeth have been lost, Dr. Alkhoury may recommend either a dental bridge or dental implants, depending on the unique needs of the patient.

Dental bridges have been used for many decades, and are still widely popular among men and women today. Patients may find the expedited process of dental bridge treatment appealing and the restoration of function and attractiveness suitable for their needs.

Unfortunately, many dental bridge patients return to their dentist after a few years for replacement. The failure of a dental bridge is most often due to a preventable dental issue, which means that the need for replacement can be avoided. With the help of your dentist near Discovery Bay, CA, you can learn the best way to maintain the strength and longevity of your dental bridge.

The materials used in the fabrication of a custom-fitted dental bridge will resist the effects of harmful oral bacteria. This means that the bridge appliance will not develop cavities. A bridge is secured by two natural teeth, which are fitted with dental crowns. These teeth, though their visible structure is covered, remain susceptible to risk factors, and can develop cavities. The condition of the gums can affect the success of dental bridge treatment as well.

Because bridges are affixed to natural teeth and cannot be removed, special care is required for optimal oral health. The part of the bridge that spans the gap left by a missing tooth is not situated within the jaw, but sits on top of the gums. This structure needs precise cleaning beneath the pontic (artificial tooth) in the bridge so that bacteria and food debris cannot collect.

Dr. Alkhoury has treated many patients with customized dental bridges. The loss of a tooth or teeth, although ideally replaced with dental implant treatment, can be handled with a dental bridge. Our team ensures that dental bridge patients have the tools and the information necessary to care for teeth and gums properly after the placement of a dental bridge. During routine check-ups and cleanings, your dentist and hygienist will address any concerns or needs with precise care, and will help you enjoy the long lasting function and beauty of your restored smile.

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