Smiles restored with dental crowns and bridges in our practice near Oakley, CA

Restorative care at Brentwood Family Dental is provided in a way to elevate the health of the patient being treated. We want you to enjoy your best smile; to feel comfortable and free of pain, and like what you see when you look in the mirror. Teeth that have been extensively damaged or lost can be repaired or replaced with dental crowns and bridges, which we expertly design in our office near Oakley, CA.

Dental crowns may be used as a solitary restoration, but are also integral parts of the dental bridge. We use dental bridges to span the empty space left after the loss or removal of a natural tooth. Typically, a bridge is a one-piece unit made with two dental crowns and an artificial tooth or teeth, called pontics. The customized crowns are fitted to the teeth on each side of the gap, with the pontic filling the empty space.

Replacing missing teeth with a dental bridge can:

  • Restore a naturally beautiful smile by filling an empty space.
  • Ensure teeth remain in proper position.
  • Allow you to return to optimal chewing function.
  • Prevent problems with the joints in the jaw by facilitating balanced chewing.
  • Preserve clear speech.
  • Retain oral health by assuring the balanced distribution of bite force.
  • Preserve optimal support for facial structure.

The dental bridge process is not much different from being fitted for a dental crown. During your consultation visit, we will discuss your options for restoration and move forward preparing teeth as needed. To prepare for a dental bridge, the teeth to be fitted with crowns are slightly reduced in size. We then take impressions that will guide the fabrication of permanent crowns. After choosing the shading for your dental bridge, we will place a temporary for you to wear while your permanent bridge is being made.

The fabrication of a dental bridge takes about two weeks to complete, at which time the temporary restoration is removed and replaced. Before cementing your final restoration, Dr. Alkhoury carefully assesses bite and fit.

Replacing lost teeth with a suitable alternative is important to your smile and oral health. We offer several solutions, including implants and implant-supported dental bridges, so that our patients' needs are adequately met.

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