Are you wondering if you are a good candidate for dental implants in Brentwood?

The importance of our teeth cannot be overestimated. We need our teeth to chew foods, to show off a healthy-looking smile, and to communicate well both verbally and non-verbally. Most of us inherently understand that losing a permanent tooth or teeth is a real problem. If your smile has been affected by tooth loss and you are looking for the best replacement, you may be wondering if you are a good candidate for dental implants. In our Brentwood practice, the answer to this question is most often "yes."

Why implants?

Implants are not like any other form of tooth replacement for one specific reason: implants are not designed to replace teeth! When you look at your smile, what you see are teeth. What you do not see, however, is equally important. Sturdy root are required for teeth to remain upright and healthy. When a tooth is lost, the root is also lost. Dental implants replace tooth roots, and there are several advantages to replacing this vital structure after tooth loss.

There is more to enjoying a healthy smile than replacing the visible tooth structure. By replacing missing roots dental implants provide two distinct benefits. First, when an implant is inserted to replace a single tooth, your dentist is able to preserve the natural structure of two healthy teeth that would otherwise be compromised to support a dental bridge. Another benefit to root replacement with dental implants is bone preservation. When the root is lost and only visible tooth structure is replaced (as with a bridge or dentures) the underlying bone does not receive stimulation necessary to remain strong and dense. This is why denture wearers tend to eventually experience sinking in of lips and cheeks.

The beauty of implants goes beyond aesthetics

Patients love the way their new smile looks due to the fact that natural beauty is retained. Implants are also popular because they are easily maintained, they allow for the consumption of all sorts of foods, and it is possible to keep them for a lifetime. The list goes on.

The beauty of implants lies in the fact that this type of restoration most closely mimics natural oral anatomy, rather than attempting to recreate the smile aesthetic. Implants go beyond restoring the look of a healthy smile. They enable individuals to eat, speak, and laugh with confidence that teeth will not accidentally slide around in the mouth, or fall out completely during a meal. Ultimately, they restore natural function so that life can go on normally.

Dental implants have been used successfully in a number of situations for many years. Chances are, you are a good candidate for dental implant treatment. To find out now, contact our office at (925) 344-5296 to schedule a private consultation.
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