A Great Alternative to Traditional Dentures

It is through our smiles that we greet others, that we show a part of ourselves to the world. When teeth are missing, even a single one, the smile can be impacted, leading to a loss of self-confidence. It is important to replace a missing tooth or missing teeth in order to maintain confidence as well as the full function needed for digestion. Today, your Brentwood dentist has tooth implants that will permanently restore function and the perfect aesthetics to your smile.

Dental implants have been widely used for several decades now, but are still catching on with patients as the new and improved denture alternative. What is significant about dental implants is that they are permanent rather than removable. In this treatment, a tiny titanium screw is inserted into healthy jawbone, and that bone grows around the screw, forming a solid foundation that closely mimics the natural root system. When compared to traditional dentures that float on top of gums, the benefits of treatment with Brentwood dentist tooth implants is immediately evident.

Traditional floating dentures have long been associated with discomfort on a few levels. Held in place with only denture adhesive, the appliance is known to rub against delicate gum tissue, causing physical discomfort. Perhaps even more bothersome to denture wearers, however, may be the fact that dentures have the tendency to slip or fall out at inopportune times. Trading in dentures for dental implants allows the denture wearer to resume eating foods he or she loves, worry free.

In addition to the confidence gained through treatment with dental implants, the patient gains better control over sustained oral health through permanent tooth replacement. With traditional dentures that rest on top of gums, there is the risk of gum tissue and bone loss over time. Because of the natural feel of the dental implant, bone and gum tissue are saved, and facial contours maintained.

Caring for dental implants is no different from caring for natural teeth. Daily brushing and flossing keeps gums healthy and removes food particles and bacteria from teeth. Although dental implants are composed of corrosion-resistant materials, maintaining oral hygiene practices is important because harmful bacteria can cause gum disease, which will, in turn affect the success of the dental implant procedure.

We all deserve to feel great about our smiles. Contact us for your dental implant consultation with Dr. Alkhoury.
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