The durability of dental implants allow long term smile restoration in Antioch

Tooth loss is a significant event in the life of an adult. Our permanent teeth are supposed to remain with us for life, and yet many people, by the age of forty, have lost at least one permanent tooth. The reasons for tooth loss vary widely. The need for a suitable replacement is a given. Failing to address the loss of a permanent tooth can lead to far reaching cosmetic issues, as well as problems with functionality and oral health as a whole. Dr. Alkhoury is committed to helping patients enjoy long-term results. The durability of dental implants allows your dentist near Antioch to restore your smile to near-natural structure.

Dental implants are recommended as an alternative to conventional dentures and dental bridges, and offer significant benefits over these procedures. When a tooth or a few teeth are missing between two healthy teeth, a dental bridge may be used to span the gap. This type of treatment has been used for many decades, and may be the best option in some cases. The benefit of tooth replacement with implants over a dental bridge is that healthy teeth are left untouched. Implants are solitary prosthetics, which means that no healthy teeth need to be altered or relied upon for stability in chewing function.

Both the dental bridge and dentures fail to address the area below the gums, which is also affected by tooth loss. Because these appliances sit on top of gum tissue, the underlying bone structure becomes smaller over time. This is why people who have worn dentures for many years develop a look that "sinks in" at the cheeks and lips. In order for the face to retain its healthy contours, the jawbone must be intact, not just teeth.

By replacing missing teeth with dental implants, our patients have a restoration that is as close to their natural structure as possible. Once integrated into the jawbone through a natural process, implants are situated for life. Implant restorations become like natural teeth, functioning with full effectiveness and looking just as beautiful. With ongoing oral hygiene to maintain the health of gum tissue, implants can last a life time.

You deserve a smile that you love, and that serves your functional needs. Contact us to learn more about dental implant treatment.
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