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We are no longer limited to one two options for tooth replacement. Today, patients are realizing the incredible benefits that come from dental implant treatment. Many of the original implant patients have maintained beautiful new smiles for more than thirty years!

Dental implants, which your dentist near Walnut Creek uses as an innovative way to replace teeth permanently, are designed to remain stable for life. This stability is the result of a simple, two-step process that leads to the replacement of tooth roots, as well as the crown, the visible portion of teeth. With implants, we have the power to replace just one tooth, several teeth, or an entire mouthful using the same basic process.

Reasons for implant popularity

Though custom dentures are still an option for tooth replacement, as are dental bridges, there are many reasons patients are choosing to replace teeth with dental implants. Only with implants is the area below the gums addressed. Once situated within the jawbone, implants accomplish two vital tasks: they provide the ultimate stability for chewing, and they simultaneously provide the stimulation necessary for the preservation of bone tissue.

Steps to success

Dental implants are made with materials that are well accepted by the tissues that surround them. Each component is fabricated from a material that will resist corrosion and decay, meaning that your new teeth will not develop cavities. This does not negate the importance of oral hygiene for a healthy mouth, or even for the longevity of implants themselves.

Implants may not become damaged due to bacteria in the mouth, but these prosthetic devices are reliant upon healthy supportive tissues in order to remain intact and functional. Whether your dentist has replaced a single tooth with an implant, or has placed implants to support a dental bridge or denture appliance, success is based on overall oral health.

The intention of oral hygiene does not change after the placement of dental implants. The purpose of daily brushing and flossing is to reduce the number of bacteria at work in the mouth. Oral bacteria are responsible not only for cavities, but also for gum disease. Lack of oral hygiene due to trust in the materials of dental implants could increase the risk of gum disease, a condition that weakens gum tissue and bone tissue and could ultimately lead to implant failure.

The process of tooth replacement with dental implants takes time. To maximize the power of implants, maintain proper brushing habits and visit your dentist regularly. Contact Brentwood Family Dental to learn more about implant treatment.
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