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Teeth implants near me in Brentwood: Are teeth implants good or bad for you?

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Dental implants give an opportunity to people who are missing one or more teeth to get their smile restored to full form and function. Implant-supported crowns, dentures, and bridges are truly the best thing to have for getting strong, healthy natural-looking teeth.

Dental implants medically termed as endosseous fixtures are designed for replacing the entire structure of a missing tooth, from root to crown. Often made of titanium, or an alloy of titanium, dental implants resemble small screws which serve as artificial roots for the tooth.

Once an implant has been surgically inserted into the jaw, its posts eventually fuse with the natural bone tissue by a process called osseointegration. Eventually, the implant becomes a part of the natural anatomy of a patient, thereby providing stability and security like healthy tooth roots. Look for a good dentist for teeth implants near you in Brentwood.


Healthy Tooth Roots, Brentwood Family Dental, Dr. Jamil Alkhoury A two-month study on patients with dental implants, published in the year 2002 in Evidence-Based Dentistry revealed that dental implant-retained dentures provided improved oral health and overall quality of life as compared to the more conventional mandibular (lower) dentures. In the year 2013, an international dental implant manufacturer named Straumann, published a review of 14 previous studies.

The Straumann report discovered that implants prove cost-effective for the replacement of single and multiple teeth. Furthermore, implants for replacing multiple teeth promote improved oral health and enhanced quality of life. Considering the many benefits provided by implants, the findings of these studies seem logical.


Implants develop into an essential part of the body. The implant posts literally fuse with the tissue of the jawbone. Since implant-retained dentures can be fixed permanently, patients with implants no longer need to hassle through the process of removing, submerging, and re-affixing their prosthetic dentures. Rather, the prosthetic appears to be a natural part of the body.

Appearance and Function

Dental implants anchor in the jawbone by means of a titanium post that fuses itself with the bone tissue like natural, healthy teeth. The implant post serves as an anchor that effectively replaces the teeth roots and creates a firm foundation for the replacement of single teeth, a bridge, or denture.

This solidity guarantees that the teeth of the patient do not loosen, slip, slide, or wobble out of place while chewing, biting, speaking, or performing any other oral function. When fabricated from good-quality dental materials that simulate natural tooth enamel and gum tissue, an implant-retained prosthesis can appear even more natural and attractive than the original teeth of the patient.

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Oral Health and Bone Retention

The roots of our natural teeth move as we perform chewing and biting functions. This motion of the tooth roots stimulates the jawbone, signaling the brain that the jaws must support the teeth. Eventually, the jawbone receives calcium and phosphorus as nourishment to stay strong. This phenomenon is often called the piezoelectric effect.

Dental implants are the only prosthetic that causes the piezoelectric effect because the implant posts replace the roots of the teeth. Conventional crowns, dentures, partials, and bridges only restore the crowns of lost teeth. For this reason, the brain is not signaled to direct the body to continuously deliver essential nutrients to the jawbone.

Restore the Crowns of Lost Teeth, Brentwood Family Dental, Dr. Jamil Alkhoury Lack of calcium and phosphorous in the jaw may lead to decreased bone density. Consequently, the jawbone deteriorates and reduces in size, thereby causing a sunken appearance on the face often known as facial collapse.

With an implant-retained bridge, natural, healthy teeth do not need to be reduced before crowning to bear the weight of the implanted bridge. This provides a significant oral health benefit with implants since natural teeth are kept undisturbed.

Benefits of Implants for Dentures

In case of upper dentures, adhesive or natural suction provides stability. Lower dentures, in turn, require adhesive. However, dentures may turn loose or wobble with time, even with an adhesive.

Implant-retained dentures are, in turn, affixed to the posts, which are anchored in the jaw. Therefore, they do not wobble, or come loose. Implant-retained dentures fit comfortably from the very first day. Due to better stability, implant-retained dentures cause the patient to feel more confident and relaxed in public, specifically when dining out.

You should choose an experienced dentist for teeth implants near you in Brentwood to achieve safe and predictable outcomes.

Dr. Jamil Alkhoury

Dr. Jamil Alkhoury

Dr Jamil Alkhoury believes dentists to be artists. Taking care of another person’s teeth is definitely an art in which Dr Jamil Alkhoury is an expert. Having graduated from University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) with a degree in Advanced Education in General Dentistry, he has always focused on the well-being of his patients. Brentwood family dental headed by Dr Jamil Alkhoury offers a wide range of services. He always keeps in touch with the developments in the field, to serve his purpose to the best of his abilities.

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