Maintain kid’s oral health with tips from your Brentwood Dentist

One of the responsibilities of parenthood is to facilitate bright futures for our children. Understandably, you want to do whatever you can to see your child happy and healthy throughout his or her lifetime. In the grand scheme of things, dental care may seem rather unimportant, but caring for your child's teeth earlier rather than later can save pain, inconvenience, and unnecessary expense. Just like us, our kids have the ability to preserve oral health with excellent hygiene and visits to their Brentwood dentist.

Because no one receives daily care from the dentist, the habits we learn are largely responsible for the condition of our smile. To help your child enjoy his or her happiest, healthiest smile, you might develop several habits:

  • Oral hygiene begins right away, with your baby's gums getting a gentle cleaning with a soft, damp cloth after each feeding.

  • A single baby tooth needs to be brushed with an infant toothbrush. When two teeth have grown in next to each other, these teeth also need to be flossed.

  • Bed or naptime bottles should contain only water so that no sugar residue is allowed to remain on teeth. Babies who sleep with milk or juice bottles are at a high risk of bottle caries, or cavities.

  • Avoid putting anything sugary or sweet on a pacifier.

  • Talk with your dentist about ways to encourage good oral hygiene in kids. Positive reinforcement goes a long way in developing healthy habits.

  • Be an example to your child in the area of oral hygiene. Let him or her see you take care of your teeth after meals and at bedtime. Children will follow their parents' example.

  • Prepare healthy snacks such as fresh, raw fruits and vegetables that will promote healthy teeth and gums.

  • Teach your child to brush his or her teeth after a sugary treat.

  • Talk with your dentist about the specific preventive treatments that may help your child enjoy a healthy, pain-free smile. Fluoride treatments and dental sealants have been shown to reduce the instance of cavities.

Dr. Alkhoury and the dental staff at Brentwood Family Dental offer gentle, fun care for children. Contact us to schedule your family's dental check-ups.

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