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Dentures in Brentwood, CA: Common problems and solutions

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Dentures are removable dental restorations that can replace missing teeth. Different from dental bridges and dental implants, which are nearly permanently affixed to the jawbone, dentures are prosthetic teeth that are attached to a supporting structure. Unlike implants, dentures can be easily removed for cleaning, at night, or whenever desired. Potential concerns with dentures in Brentwood, CA can be minimized when you select a good dentist.

Difficulties with Dentures

Although millions of people throughout the world use dentures to regain the ability to eat the foods they want, certain disadvantages are also associated with dentures. (Although, some of the visible drawbacks disappear once a patient adapts to wearing dentures.)
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Comfort and Fit: One of the most common disadvantage with dentures that many patients experience is their fit and comfort. Most patients realize that the dentures feel unusual in their mouth when they start to wear them. Once patients get used to the dentures, the discomfort typically fades.

Irritation: Besides initial awkwardness, some patients may feel periodic irritation with oral sores resulting from chewing, grinding, clenching, or food particles stuck between the gums and the denture.

Difficulty Chewing Certain Foods: Many denture-wearers can eat most of the food items that they want. However, patients may find certain crunchy or sticky foods difficult to chew. Such foods may cause pain and make the dentures move out of place.

Care: To prevent oral sores and gum irritation, maintain healthy gums, and keep the dentures in good form, proper care of dentures is essential. Dentures-wearers must take the dental appliance out of their mouths for a few hours each day. During that time the dentures must be soaked in a cleaning solution and water.

Speech: When patients start wearing dentures, they may initially experience some difficulty in speaking or pronouncing certain words. This can possibly result in a clicking, smacking, or whistling noise. However, the difficulty in speaking usually disappears once the patients adapt to wearing their dental appliance.

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Solutions for Denture Stability and Longevity

Oral Hygiene
Once the dentures are fixed and ready to work, patients should properly take care of their gums and teeth. The dentures, tongue, and gums should be properly brushed twice a day. Additionally, patients must floss daily to remove any debris stuck between the teeth. False teeth do not get damaged by decay, but plaque build-up can lead to gum diseases and bad breath. Also, denture-wearers must schedule dental visits in every six months so that the dentists can check the position of the dentures and inspect for early signs of any dental problems.

Using Implant-Supported Dentures
Implant-supported dentures provide numerous benefits over traditional dentures. Implant-supported dentures stay in place securely, which helps patients in eating, speaking, and smiling with confidence. Furthermore, implant-supported dentures help in improving the oral health of a patient.

Benefits of Implant-supported Dentures

Dentures secured , Dr. Jamil Alkhoury Improves Ability to Eat
Implant-supported dentures triple the biting force of the patient in contrast to traditional dentures, thereby making it easier for the patient to eat tough, chewy, and crunchy foods.

Improves Ability to Speak
Dentures secured by dental implants fuse with your jawbone and do not move or get displaced. This substantially improves the ability of a patient to speak clearly.

Better Fit
The prosthetic attached to the dental implants is often custom made to help fit perfectly over the gums of a patient. The dentures can be created to provide an optimal fit. This will help ensure better denture stability and improved patient comfort overall.

More Comfortable
Dentures supported by implants are more comfortable for two main reasons. One is that the dentist will craft the dentures to provide a good fit. Second, the dentures will stay permanently in their ideal position as they are attached securely to the dental implants surgically embedded into the jawbone.

Feels and Looks More Natural
Custom-made porcelain dentures are fabricated to resemble your natural teeth. Once the dentures are secured to implants, they stay in place despite the applied pressure and biting force, making the dentures feel like natural teeth. For best dentures in Brentwood, CA, get in touch with a reputable and experienced dentist.

Dr. Jamil Alkhoury

Dr. Jamil Alkhoury

Dr Jamil Alkhoury believes dentists to be artists. Taking care of another person’s teeth is definitely an art in which Dr Jamil Alkhoury is an expert. Having graduated from University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) with a degree in Advanced Education in General Dentistry, he has always focused on the well-being of his patients. Brentwood family dental headed by Dr Jamil Alkhoury offers a wide range of services. He always keeps in touch with the developments in the field, to serve his purpose to the best of his abilities.

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