Trust your denture repairs to Dr. Jamil Alkhoury in Brentwood

Your dentures are important to you. They are an investment in your smile and in your life, essential to your chewing and speaking function and to your personal appearance. That is why when your dentures become broken or damaged, you need good help and fast. Something this important shouldn’t be trusted to just anyone. In the event of damage, the first call you should make for denture repairs is to Dr. Jamil Alkhoury at Brentwood Family Dental.

If you wear dentures, proper steps should be taken to maintain your appliance. Dropping a denture can cause a break in the plate or individual teeth. To prevent such damage, cleaning should be done over soft surfaces. Your gums and your dentures should be cleaned daily. Brushing your “teeth” is just as important now as it ever was. The temperature of water can affect the shape of a denture plate and cause discomfort or improper fit.

In the event your dentures become damaged, they need to be examined and repaired professionally. Kits bought in retail stores are not what you need to permanently fix such a valuable accessory. In fact, attempts to self-repair can lead to larger problems. If dentures are not repaired properly, they may become irritating to your mouth and gums when worn. When you trust your dentures to Dr. Alkhoury, he will assess what needs to be done. He may be able to remedy the problem with a simple fix of a chipped or broken part. More severe issues may involve taking impressions, similar to when your dentures were first made. If the denture is old and has been worn for a considerable period of time, repair may not be possible. In this case, replacement will be planned to restore your smile.

Dr. Alkhoury and his staff strive to meet your expectations with high quality care in a friendly environment. Don’t waste time searching for a cheap solution when you have a problem with your dentures. Call Brentwood Family Dental first and you will find yourself in the best of care. You can trust their experience and count on results that look and feel natural.
Last Updated - October 2015
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