Your dentist near Antioch explains options for restoration after partial or full loss of teeth

The loss of permanent teeth can lead to dental problems such as difficulty chewing, TMJ disorder, or the shifting of teeth. Teeth are also necessary for the preservation of healthy facial contours. Tooth replacement is an important thing to consider if a tooth is lost.

There are various options for tooth replacement today. Your dentist will help you choose the best option for you based on your needs. Here, we will look at options for the partial or full replacement of teeth, as offered by your dentist near Antioch.

Replacement of a single tooth

  • A dental bridge, which spans the empty space left by a lost or extracted tooth, is supported by two dental crowns. These crowns are anchored to the teeth on each side of the gap, from which they gain stability.

  • A dental implant is a solitary restoration that is anchored directly into healthy jawbone. Made from biocompatible material, an implant will become fused into bone tissue, where it remains for life. The implant post is topped with a customized dental crown, which looks and functions just like a natural tooth.

Replacement of several teeth

  • A dental bridge can be made longer to replace several teeth. In some instances, more than one bridge appliance can be made, depending on the remaining teeth.

  • Dental implants can be placed individually to replace several missing teeth. Another option available today is to use one or a few implants to secure a longer dental bridge for total security.

  • Partial dentures are ideal for some people, and they make a nice temporary replacement while a decision is being made regarding permanent replacement. Partial dentures are the only of the three treatment options that is removable, attached to remaining natural teeth with discreet hooks. A partial denture, anchored by these hooks, is secure for speaking and chewing.

Replacement of all teeth in one or both arches

  • Full, removable dentures can replace all of the teeth in the mouth for restored attractiveness and function. Conventional dentures can be removed for cleaning, or while you sleep. Because this type of appliance relies on suction to remain in place, the use of denture adhesive may be necessary for stability.

  • Dental implants can be individually placed for each individual tooth. Although this option recreates the natural structure of teeth within the jawbone, most people choose the final treatment option, which is . . .

  • Implant-supported dentures are a combination of the previous two options. Typically, about six implants are inserted into the jawbone, topped with a customized denture appliance that snaps into place. Implant supported dentures may be removed for cleaning, but remain securely attached to implant posts so that they do not slip or come loose during meals, or when you laugh or speak.

Tooth replacement is as unique as your individual smile. Contact Brentwood Family Dental to discover your best option in tooth replacement.

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