Men and women in Walnut Creek explore their options for dentures

At Brentwood Family Dental, we believe in providing many options to our patients. From transforming smiles with dental bonding to restoring smiles with tooth loss replacements, we love seeing patients in Walnut Creek and the surrounding areas smile confidently. Our treatments for missing teeth include full dentures, implant supported dentures, and partials. We are happy to explain the differences between them.

  • Complete dentures - We can replace an entire dental arch with a complete denture. This can be critical for mastication and pronouncing certain words clearly.

  • Implant supported dentures - We understand some patients are concerned about dentures shifting or falling out. Implant supported dentures provide the most retention. These are highly recommended to patients who do not have the bone support to provide the stability for dentures. Treatment involves several appointments. After the initial consultation, dental implants are placed into the jawbone during oral surgery. Once the jawbone has healed, we place customized dentures onto the dental implants.

  • Partials - When one to several teeth are missing, partials may be the ideal solution. We can provide dentures supported by a metal frame or composite resin based acrylic material such as Valpast that blends nicely with the smile.

With all of our options, it is our goal to deliver a beautiful smile. Our dentist, Dr. Jamil Alkhoury, is highly respected and sought after for his attention to detail and artistic eye, ensuring every aspect of the smile meets or exceeds the goals of his patients. Dr. Alkhoury has received numerous accolades and is one of the top dentists in the Bay Area.

Patients enjoy several benefits of tooth loss replacements such as dentures. They include renewed confidence, improved self-esteem, and more attractive smiles. If you want to have health and beauty restored to your smile, look no further than Brentwood Family Dental.

We would be happy to schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Alkhoury to determine if denture treatment is right for you. He will examine your mouth, teeth, and gums and review your medical history before tailoring a treatment plan to meet your needs. Call our team today at 925-344-5296.
Last Updated - September 2015

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