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Your smile speaks to the world, sometimes more loudly than your words. This is because the smile is often what first impressions are based on. Studies show that we make snap judgments when meeting new people, taking mere seconds to subconsciously gather information and form an opinion on their character. Depending on the situation, such as an interview for a new job or meeting a new client, the appearance of the smile can take center stage.

In our Brentwood practice, we are aware of the various aspects that affect our family of patients. Because the health of teeth and gums are important, we fully assess these areas of the mouth to minimize the effects of harmful bacteria. What goes on in the mouth affects the rest of the body, so we provide guidance to our patients on the best practices to maintain that healthy smile between visits to our general and cosmetic dentistry practice.

When people think of the beauty of their smile, they might jump to the conclusion that teeth whitening or porcelain veneers are what they need to make their smile shine. In many cases, this may be true, but there is a lot to be said for keeping teeth and gums healthy through excellent at-home oral hygiene.

Daily brushing and flossing can help keep a smile in its most beautiful state, because the gums have a good deal of impact on the smile. When brushing is performed, but flossing neglected, harmful bacteria can destroy healthy tissue, sticking to plaque, and irritating the gums. When plaque builds up on enamel, the teeth lose their sheen. Red, irritated gums stand out in the smile - for the wrong reasons. Aside from the aesthetic effects of harmful bacteria, the presence of these destructive creatures often leads to bad breath.

Maintaining a healthy beautiful smile is important. In our office, Dr. Alkhoury artfully restores smiles with various cosmetic enhancements when necessary. As a complement to any cosmetic treatment, or to keep teeth and gums looking their best without such treatments, oral hygiene performed as recommended goes a long way.

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