The importance of regular check-ups with your Brentwood family dentist

Six-month dental checkups are something that most of us are used to from childhood. When we grow into adults and become responsible for our own oral health, we may not continue this routine as regularly as we should. The sad truth is that many people do not visit their dentist until there is an obvious problem. We like to inform our patients of what they may gain – or prevent – by seeing their Brentwood family dentist on a regular basis.

The recommendation of the American Dental Association is that we brush our teeth two times each day and floss them daily with thread floss or a water irrigator. This is only one part of maintaining optimal oral health. Though there may not be a painful situation going on, there could be concerns lurking in areas where they cannot readily be seen or felt. In time, a small problem will make itself known but, by then, it is too late to go back and prevent it in the first place.

Professional dental care makes use of specific instruments and imaging that detects problems not yet obvious. Dr. Alkhoury checks every tooth for signs of cavities and assesses gum tissue to ensure oral bacteria have not caused inflammation and gum disease.

Gum disease is a particularly concerning condition that must be adequately managed once it has developed. Ideally, we will identify the earliest stage of gum disease, gingivitis, during a routine visit. At this point, we can perform a cleaning and provide the patient with information on home care to prevent further infection. The more advanced gum disease becomes, the greater risk there is to ongoing oral health as well as to the stability of teeth.

Regular dental visits equate to excellent care of teeth and gums. At each visit we are able to notate any changes that have occurred to teeth or gums, such as the depth of pockets around a tooth or teeth, if there are any. Having consistent records with your family dentist enables you to stay abreast of your oral health and handle problems very quickly with a team that is familiar with your needs.

Life gets busy, but that does not negate the fact that oral health requires consistent care. Let us help you achieve optimal oral health. Call Brentwood Family Dental at 925-344-5296. Back to Family Dentistry Home Page
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