Personalized dental care in Brentwood, California keeps your family smiling

We love to see the happy, warm smiles of our loved-ones. When those we love hurt, we hurt, and as most people know, toothaches are no walk in the park. Tooth pain can steal the urge to smile very quickly. The good news we love sharing with our patients is that common, uncomfortable dental problems often have easy solutions.

Dental care for the whole family

The best way to keep your family smiling is to receive dental care from a team experienced in handling a variety of issues. Patients of our office in Brentwood California receive personal attention. We recognize that no two people are alike, even if their overall goals are the same. Brentwood Family Dental is equipped to offer the highest level of care whether we are addressing cavities or tooth loss.

Patients are part of our dental family and are treated with compassion and respect. Our job is not to shame a patient for previous oral care but to identify potential areas of concern and develop a plan that involves the various components necessary for sustained oral health.

Education leads to long-term health

The performance of exams, cleanings, and specific treatments is only a part of how healthy smiles are preserved. One of the best ways our patients can benefit from professional care is through education. Knowledge really is power, and we love to empower our patients. When, as individuals, we know what factors affect our personal health, we gain the ability to prevent a number of unhealthy conditions.

As it relates to the smile, patients can learn the various ways in which health is promoted. Patient care involves discussing and demonstrating how to brush and floss teeth, what foods may help and what may harm teeth, and recognizing potential "smile-stealers" such as certain habits or medications.

Choosing a family dental practice means a continuity of care for your entire family. Your youngest members will not find themselves looking for a new dental practice once they reach a certain age, nor will the care they receive be lacking outside of a "pediatric" dental office. Dr. Alkhoury and his team have a great deal of experience and build strong relationships with patients of all ages in order to achieve the goal of happy, healthy smiles.

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