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Oral health is something that we may hear about in one way or another. For instance, we may hear on commercials that certain products will help fight cavities, gum disease, or even help us brighten our smile. These messages only skim the surface of oral health. When consulting with patients, Dr. Alkhoury discusses the ways in which healthy teeth and gums can dramatically affect not only the smile but also general health and wellbeing. In our Brentwood, California practice, each patient receives the precise care their smile needs.

There is a great price to be paid for neglecting the smile. Teeth and gums are under constant attack because of the acidic oral environment that most of us have. Small dental issues, if not treated right away, turn into bigger dental problems that cause more discomfort and stress and require advanced treatment. Compared to the experience of dental problems and the cost of treatments such as root canal therapy and crowns, twice-a-year dental visits are extremely easy and affordable.

In research studies, scientists have discovered the direct correlation between a healthy smile and a healthy body. The diseased mouth, one in which cavities and gum disease are problems, contains excessive bacteria, tiny microorganisms that wreak havoc on healthy tissues and cells. Pathogens that live in the mouth do not remain here. Bacteria travel through the blood stream, the digestive system, and even through the respiratory system into other areas of the body, where they can increase the risk of conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, and stroke.

Life can be extremely busy and schedules full. Taking care of the smile, however, takes very little time and is well worth the short visits for routine dental care. We understand that for many people, dental care is downright stressful. We encourage our patients to discuss their concerns and anxiety with us during their initial consultation. Our friendly team has a great deal of experience with patients of all ages and we are committed to providing each individual with the gentle, compassionate care needed to achieve positive dental experiences.

Keeping your smile healthy is much easier and much more convenient than waiting until a problem has advanced. Call Brentwood Family Dental today to schedule your dental check-up. Back to Family Dentistry Home Page
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