Those from Walnut Creek and surrounding areas can promote oral health in kids with these tips from our family dentistry practice

The basis of a beautiful smile is oral health. The state of our teeth and gums is affected by factors, both internal and external, that we are exposed to very early in life. Children have the ability to enjoy optimal oral health, and even increase the chances of avoiding cavities - and the subsequent pain that develops, with the right information and habits.

Most of the time, cavity formation can be prevented. These areas of damage occur because of harmful bacteria that produce toxic waste. Once they form, cavities require restoration or there is a risk that infection and extensive damage will occur. Dental caries is a potential risk for both children and adults. The presence of harmful bacteria is natural, but also encouraged by certain lifestyle habits.

The standard diet alone provides ample nutrition for aggressive oral bacteria, which thrive on refined carbohydrates found in starchy foods as well as sugar. Sugar tends to be fingered as the primary culprit of cavities, as if it is the direct cause. In reality, sugar is simply the food source for bacteria that ultimately weaken tooth structure. Minimizing the risk of cavity formation includes making healthy food choices that limit sugar intake. Brushing and flossing teeth every day, if not after every meal, will wash sugary substances out of the mouth, and harmful bacteria along with it.

Acidic foods and beverages, such as vinegar dressings, sports and energy drinks, soda, and even sour candies also increase the risk of cavities in children and adults. This is because the direct acid contact breaks down the protective layer of enamel, making the tooth more porous and susceptible to bacterial toxins. Cavities, or dental caries, seem to be somewhat hereditary. If you come from a family in which most people have cavities, there is a possibility that you are genetically predisposed. There is no specific testing required to determine if you require extra protection against cavities, just the knowledge that there is a family link and a desire to maintain the healthiest smile possible.

In caring for teeth properly every day, and visiting your dentist every six months at least, you give yourself and your family the best chance to avoid cavities.

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