Your guide to understanding specialized gum disease treatment from your Brentwood dentist

Gum disease is a condition that all of us are susceptible to. With excellent oral hygiene that includes twice a day brushing and flossing, along with use of a recommended oral rinse, the risk of gum disease is significantly decreased. It is our hope that all of our patients will practice those habits, which will help keep their smiles beautiful and healthy. In instances where gum disease is left untreated, gum disease treatment will be recommended. In our Brentwood practice, such treatment might consist of root scaling and planing.

Root planing and scaling addresses the problem of gum disease both above and below the gum line. This form of treatment, performed by our highly skilled hygienist, becomes necessary when gum disease has progressed beyond gingivitis, and threatens the vital support structures for the teeth. Once it reaches the advanced stages, gum disease leads to pockets between the teeth and gum tissue. To halt the progression of the disease process, these pockets must be minimized as much as possible.

More than your standard cleaning

If you have been told you need this form of deep cleaning, the recommendation for treatment may come as a surprise. Many patients wonder why a standard cleaning will not suffice, or why deep cleaning is being advised. Gum disease is much like any other health condition that may arise at some point in time. It may go undetected until it has progressed to a more serious level, thus requiring immediate action. To address advancing gum disease where pockets have developed with a standard cleaning would be ineffective, as all areas where tartar and bacteria have collected must be thoroughly cleansed.

A regular tooth cleaning addresses the surface of teeth that have not experienced any bone loss, namely the crown area. During a routine cleaning, mild stains may be washed away, as well as plaque and tartar that have formed above the gum line, and have not hardened to the tooth. When bone loss has occurred, or gums are unhealthy, a deeper cleaning is needed.

Root planing and scaling are designed to eliminate the toxic bacteria that have collected on root surfaces, sometimes below the gum line. When toxins are removed and the mouth properly treated, the body's own healing process begins and gum tissue can reattach to the tooth, eliminating the pocket.

It may sound uncomfortable to have your root surfaces cleaned of harmful plaque. Rest assured that we take your comfort very seriously and would never allow you to suffer through a treatment as beneficial as root planing and scaling. With the damaging effects of gum disease so far-reaching, we want to make the treatment process as easy as possible for you.

Do not let gum disease steal your oral health. Contact us for your gum-health assessment today.
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