Prevention and successful treatment of gum disease, as explained by Brentwood dentist

Dental patients can take important steps on their own to be advocates for their oral health. A healthy mouth includes not only the teeth, but also the gums and bone structure, because they are the foundation for healthy teeth. Most people know that regular brushing and flossing are vital to good oral health. While this sounds very simple, it is true. Regular visits to your dental provider should be added to your routine, not only for cleaning, but to allow them to monitor the health of teeth and gums. Being able to diagnose any problem conditions early will generally lead to a simpler and less costly fix for the patient.

For residents living in and around the Brentwood area, Dr. Jamil Alkhoury and the staff at Brentwood Family Dental provide comprehensive and affordable care for their dental patients. While the primary goal is to maintain the health of patients’ teeth and gums, a valuable service available, if required, is successful options for treatment of gum disease.

Dr. Alkhoury is proactive in treating gum conditions, and will recommend the gum disease treatment that will work best in each case. The early stage of gum disease is also known as gingivitis. It can be relatively easy to treat, but may advance to a more severe form of the disease if not treated. At this stage, proper oral hygiene, which can be explained in detail by the dental staff, and regular visits to the dentist for exams and to remove plaque buildup may be all that is required. Avoiding progression of the disease at this stage is ideal. Any bleeding during routine brushing and flossing are warning signs for this condition and should be shared with the dentist promptly.

More severe gum disease may be treated professionally with a procedure known as scaling and root planning. This is a technique performed in the dental office to remove plaque that has formed along and just below the gum line. LANAP is an innovative laser treatment offered by Dr. Alkhoury to get into pockets of the gums to eliminate bacteria that contributes to gum inflammation and diseased gums. The LANAP process is highly effective because it also seals the gum pockets after cleaning to keep new bacteria from infiltrating the gums.

Any stage of gum disease is undesirable and can increase the patient’s risk for other health concerns. Prompt treatment at the earliest stage will result in better outcomes for the patient. Call to schedule a routine care appointment, or if you are experiencing any concerning issues with teeth or gums. We will deliver care with compassion and schedule the treatment you need to restore and maintain a healthy smile.
Last Updated - February 2016
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