Straighten teeth with treatment designed around your needs. Learn about LaserProx and other treatments offered in our office near Oakley, CA

Part of the care we offer to our patients is evaluation for orthodontic treatment. We begin monitoring the growth of the teeth and jaw when patients are young. This enables us to plan for treatment should it seem necessary. Brentwood Family Dental is committed to every patient. We provide care that is based around the individual's needs.

If you would like to straighten misaligned teeth, we will tailor treatment to accomplish the most beautiful results in a way that suits your lifestyle.

Conventional orthodontics

For decades, the most common way to a straighter smile was through a year or more of metal braces. This method is still used today, and may be the most suitable option in some instances. The issue with this form of treatment is, for teens and adults alike, aesthetics. Comfort can also be a concern, with metal brackets sometimes poking the cheeks or lips until they adapt. While comfort can be improved throughout conventional treatment, the look of metal braces remains unacceptable to some people. When conventional braces are necessary, such as for the correction of severe bite issues, the result is very much worth the time in treatment.


Several years ago, teens and adults gained a new option for the correction of misalignment. Invisalign has been well received by orthodontic patients due to its incredible convenience and discreet appearance. Based on clear, removable trays, Invisalign has no bulky appliances and requires no dietary restrictions. Although the idea of straightening teeth without the world knowing is incredibly appealing, Invisalign is not ideal for every person. Dr. Alkhoury understands that most patients today are concerned about their appearance. However, our primary focus is on creating beautiful, healthy smiles.

Innovation aids the teeth straightening process

Dr. Jamil Alkhoury is a Brentwood dentist committed to advancing his horizons in the area of innovative treatments. He has developed an orthodontic treatment that combines laser therapy with light NiTi archwires for the restructuring of mild misalignment. Patients who have undergone LaserProx orthodontic treatment have found that results can be achieved in a shorter period than Invisalign, comfortably and conveniently. In part, accelerated results come from technology that limits inflammation during treatment. Where there is less inflammation, teeth move more freely.

There are numerous benefits to correcting misalignment. Not only will you feel better about your smile, but your smile will remain healthier for longer when spaces and overcrowding are no longer an issue. Discover your best orthodontic treatment at Brentwood Family Dental. Contact our office for your consultation today.

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