Providing great customer service and addressing patients' concerns - the most important aspects in dentistry

Dr. Alkhoury and team always focuses on providing the best customer service and addressing patients' concerns. They use the latest technologies as well as a wide variety of options to get to their objective of better treatments and better outcomes. Even patients who are normally nervous about visiting the dentist are completely at ease at this practice.
Transcript Doctor: I always thought that, you know, providing very good customer service and addressing patients' concerns, by far, is the most important thing.

Patient: I've been a patient of doctor for one year. I'm a real chicken when it comes to going to the dentist and I usually hate doing that. I was very comfortable with the dentist. He has a very relaxed kind of demeanor and all his staff are very relaxed and very friendly. A nice place to be!

Doctor: Paying attention to the patient in the treatment room, what the patient wants, what his/her expectation is, I think by far is the most important thing. We use the latest equipment from the digital radiology to intraoral camera and infrared, air abrasion drill. We keep our practice up-to-date. We have a lot of choices in terms of quality of porcelain, their color, their strength, you know, from zirconia to preserve lots and lots of options that allow us actually to provide better treatment, better outcome for better results, so making their experience as good as possible is very important.