Katrina has overcome her dental fear with Dr. Alkhoury and is free to smile with absolute confidence!

Katrina is yet another individual who has suffered bad dental experiences that have hindered her from having the smile she has always wanted. But all that has changed now that she is with Dr. Alkhoury and she is happier than ever with her great smile.
Transcript Hi my name is Katrina and I am 30 years old.

My whole life I have had horrible experiences with dentists, I had surgery – jaw surgery when I was in high school and braces for years.

I have always hated my smile and I wanted a change.

Any dentist I went to they did not want anything to do with my teeth/ Dr. Alkhoury was voted number one so I wanted to check him out and today I have my new teeth and I am completely amazed and I can’t even believe it is my mouth.

He is great and I would totally recommend him.