Gentleness and delicate handling of oral health is important and Dr. Alkhoury is a an absolute pro!

Method and manner is key to gaining patient trust. Dr. Alkhoury is extremely refined in his technique – so much so that here the patient was convinced with his level of soft and pleasant care in how he managed procedures. In addition to revolutionizing this patient’s smile, Dr, Alkhoury managed to severely exceed expectations and was bestowed with the compliment of being called – ‘a true artist’.
Transcript I came to Dr. Alkhoury’s office looking for an opportunity to redo the front of my teeth and I had scouted around, spoke to different doctors.

But when I came to his office he had oil paintings on his wall and when I asked the girls they said that he was an artist and that he really took care of details and that it was very important to him.

I decided simply by his gentleness by his willingness to give me all the information that I can possible need, answered every one of my questions to give him the opportunity to put laminense on my teeth, and doing this I never expected my teeth to come out so beautiful, so youthful and actually to fill up my lips more change the shape of my face and my smile looks like a million dollar smile.

Dr. Alkhoury is truly an artist; he is the best at what he does.