From temporary pain relief to sustainable care and treatment that improved quality of life

From tension in the shoulders to painful migraines and headaches, this patient was yet another victim of interrupted sleep. She believed at one point it was a result of her gait affected by the type of purse she carried. Chiropractic treatment only awarded temporary relief and the patient continued to suffer. With Dr. Alkhoury she was able to have the pressure inside her mouth relieved with an oral device that led to her not having to wake up several times during the night.
Transcript When you came to my practice what were your symptoms?
My biggest problems were the ache between my shoulder blades, tension headaches all the time, and horrible time sleeping at night, staying asleep at night.

Tell me when we started the treatment how did you feel and how things were?
Almost immediately I did not have any pain between your shoulder blades and it has never came back again – and it was just an everyday problem which I was always trying to solve starting from my mouth.

So what were you doing before that treatment when you were having shoulder pain did you see a chiropractor?
I had in the past – chiropractor for me worked while I was there but later the pain would always come back and I ended up- I thought it was a problem that I had read about before where women get from carrying a purse that was too heavy so I switched the style of purse that I carry and it never got any better.

So now looking back 10 12 weeks since we started treatment day time and night time how do you feel?
I feel really good. As soon as I got used to the period of adjustment of having something in my mouth during the night I adapted just fine and now I am excited because I will wake up sometimes and feel it in my mouth that it is helping instead of doing bad things – its absorbing the pressure inside my mouth like a shock absorber

Are you happy so far with the results of your treat?
Very much so

Were we able to address and relieve all those symptoms?
Absolutely I am so excited to not have constant shoulder pain

So the ache and the pain and the symptoms just went away?
Absolutely a 100 percent

Excellent and thank you.