From heavy pain medication to lock jaw every time he yawned to hardly any restriction in gait and movement – Dr. Alkhoury to the rescue!

With only about 6 hours of sleep that was interrupted roughly around 10 times at least, the patient was suffering from pain in the cervical spine area and was given the impression that the pain was for life and was prescribed several pain medication to manage symptoms. From yawning painfully every day to feeling sleepy whilst driving during the day – the patient underwent severe obstacles as a result. Dr. Alkhoury managed to help him overcome his pain with treatment and the patient is happy to say he feels more relaxed and sleeps much better.
Transcript Tell me about the symptoms when you came into my practice and you were looking fro treatmetn – tell me about the symptoms.
They symptoms – well sleep was, not sleeping waking up about 10 time or so.

ten times a night? Wow.
Yeah for a 6 hour sleeping period

How were you in the morning when you woke up?
Just a functioning robot, not feeling refreshed and I think that led to a lot of tension in the back and upper back.

So you were having back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain?
Yes I thought it was directly going to resort to surgery.

Did you seek any treatmetn for that or see any doctors?
I have gone to different doctors for differnet things – a lot of them were for the back

Were they able to help you?
No they would pin point problems but then I was told that is permanent damage for life – deal with it, its just getting older – here are some sample of these pills – if these don’t work here is another set of samples. They always give you the hard stuff and I don’t want it.

So how long have you been dalng with those symptoms?
That well it has been years actually – at least 5 to 10 years with bad sleep.

So tell me about the treatment that you started here – how did it go ? lets talk about the sleep first and then the day time – the symptoms.
Yeah I thought if this realigns my jaw so that it doesn’t lock open when I yawn every day that would be kind of worth it in itself – it felt ind of weird.

So how-
I didn’t think it would affect the pain – not the pain, the muscles, the nodules I guess we were talking about but it would randomly show up over here and there, so where does it hurt? So like right now or yesterday? Its all over.

So tell me what the treatment did for you interms of sleep – we are talking about the sleep, when we started that therapy for you after diagnosing the problem.
That was the first night I was convinced ill sleep aprt of it the first night. So slept the first night I may have gotten up once

How bout now 3 months later?
Everything is a lot more bright, I am awake – im not falling asleep anymore, dring the day behind the wheel type of thing and I am sleeping throughout the night.

You feel energetic?
I can tell the difference with that – I get up real early in the morning so its kind of a grumpy period anyway – but I can tell I am quicker and faster when I wake up

So are you happy with that sleep part?
A 100% im getting rested sleep

That’s good – how about the neck shoulder? Is that gone?
Yeah that’s good, usually I would keep it one way and I was more stif befor eut now I don’t think I even have a shoulder issue.

So after we did the trigger point injections, and everything with the laser-
Yeah I was not convinced on that either

How about now?
Yeah now it is amazing it is stil not there, its still gone and I can move my head around

So it is not something like you have to live with or is permanenet because you are old you know smethingtht we can help you with
Yes it is what it seem to be yeah

When pain stops-

So are you happy overall?
That has also given me the drive to stay hydrated that I know I do not do, specially like my work where I am always moving and sweating it out, I can tell that the water is amking a difference now, I am more hydrated now and I am trying to stay on that diet now

So overall now looking back on the base point when we started and now – day and night?
Day and night – and I was surpised how everything kin dof fell in line, came together

Very good – are you happy?
I’m happy

Excellent thanks