Children’s dentist in Brentwood, California sees the big picture in cavity prevention

The foods and beverages that we consume regularly are intended to fuel the body. Our various organs and tissues respond to what we feed them, hence the old saying "you are what you eat." In addition to affecting general health and vitality, foods and beverages will also directly affect the teeth and gums. The better our food choices, the better we care for oral and systemic health. Foods lacking in nutrients and filled with unhealthy ingredients limit our ability to fight diseases, including cavities.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, cavities remain the most prevalent childhood disease. Your children's dentist in Brentwood, California wants to do everything possible to reduce the risk for your family. One way that Dr. Alkhoury does this is by seeing the big picture in cavity prevention and sharing vital information with parents and patients.

Historically, sugar has been recognized as a cavity-causing food. As a result, parents may limit the sugary treats their children consume. While this is a good habit to develop, there is more to cavities than the consumption of sugar.

The process of tooth decay

Teeth have multiple layers of material. The outer surface in made up of one of the hardest materials in the body: enamel. Hundreds of types of bacteria are also present in the mouth. These microorganisms live on and in between teeth and find sugar a prime food source. When bacteria feed on sugar residue, acidic byproducts are released. This acid breaks down the tough enamel exterior of teeth.

Watching out for sugar is only one factor in cavity prevention

Since sugar feeds bacteria, it is clear that avoiding candy, cookies, and other sweets is a good idea. Parents who want to guard their children's smiles are encouraged to recognize hidden dangers that can increase the risk for cavities. Sugar is present in much more than sweets. High carb foods such as pasta and white bread can also leave sugar residue in the mouth, as can fruit juice and fresh fruits. Foods and beverages that are acidic put teeth at risk for decay. Soda, in particular, has an enormous impact on the overall health of teeth.

Education is an important part of pediatric dentistry. Families who choose our Brentwood practice can expect personal attention designed to minimize dental problems and promote happy smiles. Call 925-344-5296 to schedule your family's checkups.

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