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Every parent wants their child to have a beautiful, healthy smile. As adults, we know that a beautiful smile is an asset. It can play a role in self-esteem and improve first impressions. Straight teeth are not just a matter of aesthetics, they are important to a healthier mouth. Teeth that are aligned correctly are easier to keep clean, which decreases instances of decay and reduced the risk for gum disease. Alignment issues can lead to uneven wear on the teeth, problems with the bite, and even difficulty in speaking properly. Additionally, misalignment is also a risk factor for TMD and jaw pain.

In most cases, parents immediately think about teenagers when they hear discussion of orthodontic treatment. The truth is orthodontic treatment can be done for a wide range of ages. In fact, Dr. Alkhoury believes that early orthodontic treatment for children can help address alignment issues and encourage proper jaw development. In addition, in many cases, early intervention can cut down on treatment time, saving you on the overall cost of treatment.

Our team believes in evaluating children for orthodontic treatment starting at around age seven or eight. This is because in most cases, the first molars have come in and back bite has developed. Even if we determine that early orthodontic treatment is not necessary at this time, starting these evaluations allows us to monitor growth and development and catch other potential problems early.

Early orthodontic treatment can help your child achieve proper facial symmetry, ensure that there is enough room for teeth that haven't emerged, and can reduce the amount of time spent in braces.

We offer both traditional metal braces and Invisalign as orthodontic treatment options. The decision for which treatment is best for your child will be based on age and the extent of alignment or bite problems.

If you have older children who may require orthodontic treatment, the good news is that our options are successful for patients of many ages. We even have many adults who come to us interested in correcting their bite and improving the appearance of their smile.

If you are interested in finding out more about the benefits of early orthodontic treatment, contact us today.
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