Medicating a toothache may lead to root canal surgery

Understandably, pain is something we would like to avoid. Stress, as well, is a sensation we could do well to minimize whenever possible. A toothache is both painful and stressful. It is an indicator of a potentially serious problem. Due to the natural desire to avoid pain and stress, many people treat tooth pain with over-the-counter medication. There are instances, as well, when some type of antibiotic may be applied or taken orally to minimize infection. These approaches to tooth pain, while they feel good immediately, are no solution to the infection that may be progressing inside of the tooth.

Dr. Alkhoury is a California dentist who understands that root canal surgery does not sound pleasant. Unlike any other form of dental care, the root canal has been portrayed as something it is not. The stories that surround root canal therapy have been ongoing for decades and, in large part, according to research, have been circulated by individuals who have never undergone the procedure themselves. When consulting with patients, Dr. Alkhoury listens to concerns and fears, and takes his time to explain to patients exactly why root canal therapy is needed and what to expect. With the right information, patients can feel very comfortable with the treatment that will end their pain.

The root canal procedure, in terms of how it feels, is very much like having a cavity filled. As with most treatments, local anesthetic is administered before any work begins. The proper amount of local anesthetic is used to ensure that the treatment area remains numb throughout the procedure; therefore, the patient can feel more relaxed.

The technical aspect of root canal therapy is somewhat like the repair of a cavity, starting with the removal of damaged tooth material. The root canal procedure extends into the tooth to remove infected pulp material. Using magnification and precise instruments, Dr. Alkhoury quickly and efficiently empties the root canal and sterilizes the area before sealing it. As the procedure ends, the tooth is covered with a temporary restoration to protect structure until the placement of a crown.

The truth about root canal therapy is that this procedure does not hurt. What does hurt is an infected tooth, which your dentist can help you avoid. Contact Brentwood Family Dental to schedule a checkup with Dr. Alkhoury. Back to Root Canal Home Page
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