Brentwood, California ends tooth pain with specific abscess treatment

toothache is no small matter. If not treated in very early stages, the problem causing pain can escalate to such an extent that you can go to bed feeling somewhat poor and wake up with a noticeably swollen face caused by an abscessed tooth. Have you been putting off dental care due to anxiety and now you're facing a larger problem? Patients of our Brentwood, California office can say goodbye to intense tooth pain with proper treatment for an abscessed tooth. Many people discover once they see their dentist the procedure to fix a diseased tooth is far less frightening than the pain of that disease.

Why does an abscess occur?

When a tooth becomes severely infected, a pocket can develop on or beneath the gums. An abscess may look like a bump on gum tissue. Infection may also cause the jaw, cheek, chin, or even the neck to swell. Not only is the abscess painful, but it poses a larger threat of bursting. If this should occur, the digestive system and blood stream become flooded with infection.

Treating the infected tooth

Tooth infection may be treated in a number of ways. The treatment plan developed by Dr. Alkhoury will take into consideration the severity of infection and may involve initial treatment with antibiotics. If an abscess has developed, this lesion may be drained in our controlled environment that will minimize the release of infection into the body. The identification of the source of infection is also important. If this is not done, there will be a recurrence of infection before long.

Root canal therapy for infection

One of the primary treatments used by dentists treating tooth infection is root canal therapy. Unfortunately, this procedure is quite misunderstood, having a reputation as being lengthy and painful. The truth about the root canal is that it is very efficient, very safe, and very comfortable. Like treatment with a dental filling, this procedure is performed with local anesthetic. As the area being treated is numbed with medication, patients undergoing root canal therapy feel no pain. Once the procedure is completed, they have said goodbye to their toothache and the infection that caused it.

Minor tooth pain is your first sign that infection may be lurking in the not-so-distant future. It is at this time when dental care should be sought. Even more beneficial is scheduling your check-up with Dr. Alkhoury before a toothache develops. Call Brentwood Family Dental at 925-344-5296. Back to Root Canal Home Page
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