Focused on endodontics, your dentist near Discovery Bay, CA can help you avoid pain

The prospect of needing a root canal is not typically pleasant. Most people feel at least a little anxious when told this treatment is necessary. For whatever reason, root canal therapy has been depicted as a long and painful procedure. Some patients question its overall effectiveness, and they suggest that tooth extraction may be a viable alternative. Ideally, dentists are interested in saving natural teeth. Root canal therapy makes this possible.

With a focus on endodontics, your dentist near Discovery Bay, CA may be able to prevent the pain of infection typically experienced before root canal treatment is advised. Often, a patient may not visit the dentist until a toothache has become persistent. At this point, it is quite possible that the pulp has already been infected and treatment must be more aggressive than a simple filling. In order to restore comfort, infected tissue must be removed. In this scenario, although root canal therapy may still cause a little anxiety, the need for treatment is easily understood.

Another scenario that may occur is that damage to the pulp of a tooth is discovered during a routine dental exam. In this instance, the pain of infection may have yet to develop. Feeling only a small twinge or nothing at all, a patient may feel that root canal therapy is unnecessary. If Dr. Alkhoury finds a dental problem during a routine examination, he takes the time to show the patient the cause of pain, or the potential for pain, on x-rays. It is important to us that our patients feel comfortable with the care we recommend, understanding that it is our practice to act as conservatively as possible in repairing damaged teeth. If root canal therapy is recommended, it is because it is the only form of treatment suitable for the successful repair of the damaged tooth.

Undergoing the root canal procedure does not have to be stressful. Dr. Alkhoury is an experienced dentist with training in endodontics for the effective treatment of specific dental problems. Treatment is performed under local anesthetic, promoting comfort. Using state-of-the-art tools, your dentist is able to complete the procedure quickly, getting you back to normal activities as soon as possible.

An infected root canal may not always lead to pain. The early detection of infection can lead to prompt treatment and the avoidance of a toothache. Take control of your oral health. Contact our office for your check-up with Dr. Alkhoury. Back to Root Canal Home Page
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