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Many people consider a trip to the dentist to be one of the scariest parts of their life. This idea can cause them to delay dental treatment until their condition becomes so painful that there is no other option. Learning a little bit about Endodontics and the professionals who practice this dental specialty is a terrific way to assuage those fears and end the pain.

Endodontists form a unique and important specialty. Recognized by the American Dental Association, an endodontist is trained specifically to work with the traumatic issues involved in tooth decay and trauma. An endodontist is a respected professional who is able to provide procedures that include the dreaded root canal therapy. Dental practices that provide Endodontics in Brentwood are able to perform procedures that can potentially save damaged or diseased teeth, giving you your smile back.

In the field of endodontics, a dentist must perform 2 to 3 additional training years in order to become a recognized endodontist. This means that an already highly-trained dentist takes the time and effort to increase knowledge in his or her field. The American Association of Endodontists allows members with only the highest level of professional care to wear their label. Finding a dentist certified in endodontics is as simple as looking for the American Association of Endodontist’s recommendation.

These specialized dentists are also well-versed in the care of dental trauma that can occur with a facial injury. Surgery and other options for dental reconstruction are available with a facility that provides Endodontics in Brentwood. These dentists are also available for routine dental care including cleanings and the filling of cavities. Choosing a dentist who is also an endodontist assures a patient that they will receive the most up-to-date care available. From a car accident or fall that induces tooth trauma to routine dental cleanings, these dentists are able to provide quality care for your mouth.

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