Can root canal treatment near Antioch be avoided?

Root canal therapy is a common procedure performed by dentists around the world. The typical process includes an urgent visit for unrelenting tooth pain, leading us to discover infection has invaded the inner areas of a tooth. This approach to treatment is so common that it is, perhaps, the reason why root canal therapy is associated with pain, and feared by so many. In reality, this beneficial treatment wipes out infection and restores comfort. Dr. Alkhoury provides gentle, effective root canal treatment for patients from Antioch and the surrounding areas, ensuring a successful outcome.

With root canal treatment often performed after a tooth begins to hurt very badly, the ideal scenario would be to avoid this experience altogether. Who wouldn't prefer to avoid pain? This form of treatment is intended for the elimination of infection that has invaded the pulp chamber, affecting the nerve of the tooth. Infection can develop in a few different ways. The most common path to infected pulp tissue is through an untreated cavity or fracture.

Cavities are progressive. Once bacteria weaken the tooth, they can easily continue to work their way inward. Neglecting regular six-month dental visits increases the risk of infection, for it is during these routine visits that we can detect problems in their earliest stages. If you wish to avoid root canal therapy, we suggest maintaining six-month dental visits as a proactive step.

The root of a tooth can also be directly infected from diseased gum tissue. Normally, there is no association made between gum disease and root canal treatment. However, the condition has far-reaching effects. Like cavities, gum disease is caused by bacteria. The difference is that this disease comes from bacteria invading gum tissue, destroying it with toxic waste. As gum disease advances, the gums may recede, opening the root up to the action of aggressive bacteria.

Maintaining oral health is not a challenge. Our professional team has the extensive background and experience to demonstrate effective tooth-cleaning techniques. Dr. Alkhoury and our hygienist work with you to discover problem areas and to set a plan into motion that may include a specific brushing routine, specialized products, or professional treatment.

Our teeth may be susceptible to various factors that could lead to the need for root canal therapy, but a proactive approach to oral health certainly decreases risk. Contact us to schedule your six-month dental check-up. Back to Root Canal Home Page
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