Root canals are often the ideal treatment for broken teeth near Oakley, CA

A broken tooth is something no one really expects to experience, though we see a number of patients whose pain from broken teeth leads them to our office. Our teeth may be damaged in a number of different ways. Regardless of whether a tooth injury has occurred because of trauma, clenching or grinding, or as a secondary effect of decay, prompt treatment is important for the restoration of comfort and health.

Often, what happens before a tooth breaks is that a small cavity forms in the enamel, which is the hard protective layer that shields the interior of our teeth from the effects of oral bacteria. When a cavity forms, or a small fracture occurs, the interior components of the tooth become more susceptible to infection and further damage. When possible, broken teeth are treated early with conservative means such as inlays, onlays, or dental crowns. There are times, however, when root canal therapy becomes necessary.

Root canals may be part of the necessary treatment for broken teeth when the interior area has become affected by oral bacteria. In our office near Oakley, CA, Dr. Alkhoury performs careful evaluations in order to design the most suitable treatment plan for each patient. It is vitally important to assess the entirety of a broken tooth to ensure that no diseased tissue is covered by a restoration. We understand that there is an outdated perception that root canal treatment is uncomfortable, and we provide the highest level of gentle, compassionate care so that our patients learn first-hand the benefits and ease of this necessary treatment.

Root canal therapy is included in a treatment plan when oral bacteria have reached the tooth's interior, affecting the pulp tissue at the core of the tooth. Sometimes, we are able to catch problems within the pulp before intense pain develops, saving the patient from severe discomfort and emotional distress. We perform root canal therapy with great precision after the patient has been treated with local anesthetic to numb the mouth. The affected tissue in the root canal is removed and the patient is on his or her way back to optimal oral health and comfort. Teeth treated with root canal therapy are then covered with custom-fitted dental crowns, restoring full function and beauty to the smile.

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