Relief from a severe toothache may come from root canal therapy in Brentwood, California

Tooth damage often occurs bit by bit. The slow progression of issues like cavities can be a good thing for the person who sees the dentist regularly. For those who do not maintain routine six-month appointments, the gradual manner in which damage occurs could very easily lead to a severe toothache. To get relief, many people take over the counter medication. As logical as it sounds to receive care for tooth pain, many people avoid seeing their California dentist because the thought of treatment evokes fear and anxiety. No one likes tooth pain. This problem can be extremely distressing. Dr. Jamil Alkhoury assures his patients that the best way to get back to a comfortable state is with prompt treatment.

For some time, severely damaged teeth could only be extracted. Today, dentists such as Dr. Alkhoury have the skill and instruments to treat advanced decay and eliminate pain. Root canal therapy is a highly beneficial procedure that has helped many of our patients to feel better quickly. At the same time, there are many who consider the option of extraction instead of treatment.

Having to decide between removing a necessary oral structure or treat deep infection can be very stressful. Extracting teeth is not something dentists like to do, especially if there is an option that will allow the tooth structure to remain intact and functional. Root canal therapy does just that. The procedure takes only a short time and it is performed with local anesthetic, so patients feel no discomfort. During treatment, Dr. Alkhoury uses specialized instruments to remove decayed tooth material and then removed infected tissues from the center of the tooth. This includes the nerve and vessels. After all infection has been removed, the emptied canal is irrigated with a disinfecting solution before it is filled with gutta percha.

The repaired tooth immediately feels better and it is covered with a temporary crown. In a follow-up visit, a final restoration is placed over the tooth to protect it in its fragile state. Saving the infected tooth saves the entire smile. Extraction, on the other hand, requires follow-up with adequate replacement, such as a dental bridge or dental implant.

Remember! It is possible in most cases to avoid severe toothaches by acting in a preventive manner. Daily brushing and flossing can be complemented with professional care from your dentist who knows your teeth and can guide you in maintaining oral health.

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