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A smile affects the first impression a person makes on the people around them. Sometimes, as the result of outside influences such as illness or medication, or just over time because of normal exposure to substances such as food and beverages, a person will notice the brightness of their smile has diminished. Teeth whitening is a common procedure in society today, and patients have many options. We recommend that patients in and around the Brentwood area consult with our dentist Dr. Jamil Alkhoury at Brentwood Family Dental for the most reliable and comfortable teeth whitening options.

Even over the counter teeth whitening products are not inexpensive. In order to make the wisest investment, patients should obtain advice from a dental professional. Patients can avoid confusion and wasting time and money on commercial offerings by choosing a whitening process that will work effectively with products and services available through our office. Whitening treatments obtained through your dental provider will allow you to receive expert advice, as well as make sure your teeth can obtain outstanding results. We realize that no two patients are alike and this is why every whitening treatment is customized for the individual. There are two options, so patients are able to choose the option best-suited for them.

Patients interested in immediate results from their teeth whitening experience may enjoy the treatment and outcome from the in-office Zoom! process. This method can be completed in about an hour under the careful attention and experience of our dental staff. Comfort and predictability are benefits of this form of whitening. For instant results with no guesswork on the part of the individual, this is the ideal choice.

For patients interested in an at-home whitening experience, we can customize that for our valued patients, as well. Our Take Home system is still far superior to over-the-counter products for several reasons. One important aspect of our home whitening is that custom-fitted trays will be created from impressions of your teeth. These provide patients with a much more predictable experience, improved brightness with continued use, less mess because of the precise fit of the trays to apply the bleaching agent, and give patients the option to do touch-up whitening treatments to keep their smiles dazzling.

Contact our office for a consultation today. Begin to whiten that smile and turn back the hands of time. Make the best first impression possible. Restore self-confidence and show that vibrant smile more often. Get started with teeth whitening designed exclusively for you today.
Last Updated - February 2016
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