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You may wear the latest trends from head to toe, but what really garners the best kind of attention is your attractive smile. When your smile is straight, white, and healthy, you feel better. When you feel confident in your smile, it shows in how you greet others, how you smile and laugh freely, and how you carry yourself. If your teeth have become dull, yellow, and bland, it may seem difficult to feel like your most confident self. Lack of satisfaction with your smile, however, is a problem for which your dentist has solutions.

Teeth can be whitened in many ways today. While the internet is full of tips and tricks for DIY whitening, there is potential danger in attempting to remove stains without a professional dental examination and discussion of the whitening procedure. We understand that discolored teeth make us look and feel older, less healthy, and even less friendly. We love helping our patients rediscover good feelings about their smile by designing safe, effective teeth whitening services around their needs.

Though home whitening is an effective, convenient way to brighten the smile, we also see many people who wish to bypass any waiting with in office teeth whitening services in our Brentwood, CA dental office. Inside of the office, teeth whitening takes on a whole new feel. With home whitening, patients must reserve a chunk of their time each day for a period of about two weeks to wear whitening trays. Some do this while watching television in the evenings, and some sleep with whitening trays. With in-office whitening, discoloration is effectively handled in just one or two office visits taking only about an hour and a half each. What could be more convenient than that?

When we have white, bright teeth, we feel better about our general appearance. Removing stains does a great deal for aesthetics, but the hidden benefit is that the creation of a bright, friendly smile also has the power to improve social and professional interactions. Studies have shown that people with brighter smiles tend to fare better in the workplace, procuring higher salaries and attracting promotions. It has also been discovered that people who undergo smile-enhancing treatments experience a renewed commitment to oral hygiene, and thus take better care of their attractive, new smile.

Get the bright smile you want. Contact our office for in-office teeth whitening.
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