Teeth whitening treatment in Oakley, CA is tailored to your needs

A bright smile is more than a nice feature; it is seen as a valuable asset in social and professional settings. When you feel good about your smile, you carry yourself with greater confidence. Teeth whitening remains an effective way to transform the smile from dull to remarkable.

Teeth whitening treatment in our office near Oakley, CA can dramatically improve your smile. Like any treatment, cosmetic dental care is tailored to each individual patient. Whereas some may need immediate whitening with an effective in-office treatment, others will see a smile transformation over a few weeks with the use of at-home whitening trays.

Home whitening with professional grade whitening solution can be your ticket to a dramatic smile makeover. The primary benefit of in-office whitening is simply immediate results. With custom fitted home whitening trays, many people begin to notice a difference in the brightness of their smile after one application. With each day of use, our powerful whitening gel further improves the look of teeth until you have obtained the level of brightness you desire.

When you visit Brentwood Family Dental for cosmetic dental treatment, Dr. Alkhoury will begin by listening to what you like and dislike about your smile. Options for treatment such as teeth whitening are carefully explained so that you understand what to expect from the various forms of treatment. With this information, you are best able to determine the most suitable solution for your smile concerns.

Whitening teeth at home, though a bit of a longer process, comes with the benefit of maintaining the results. The trays designed for your initial teeth whitening treatment can be used months later when touch-up treatment is needed. The longevity of results from teeth whitening depends on lifestyle habits. We know that drinking coffee, tea, and red wine can affect the brightness of teeth. There are several other foods and factors, as well, that could lead to dulling over time. Having whitening trays at home allows you to touch up the smile whenever you notice a change in color.

Dr. Alkhoury enjoys helping people achieve their smile goals. Contact our office today for more information on teeth whitening.
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