Walnut Creek residents can visit area dentist for a sleep study to diagnose sleep apnea and treatment with latest innovations

Americans are generally functioning as a sleep-deprived nation of people. Busy lives, stress, interference from outside influences detract from the ability to obtain sufficient sleep to maintain ideal functioning of the mind and body. One treatable condition that leads to many fatigued people is obstructive sleep apnea. It is believed that perhaps 18 million, and possibly even more, adults in America wrestle with the negative impacts from sleep apnea. It affects both men and women and people of any age. There is no single reason that can be pinpointed as causing sleep apnea, but there are ways to prevent it no matter the source.

A person with obstructive sleep apnea, abbreviated as OSA, may not even be aware of it. Sleep apnea is a cessation of breathing for ten or more seconds per incident; a person with OSA will repeat this numerous times while sleeping. It causes a person to stir from sleeping enough to begin breathing again, but does not allow them to experience a deep and restorative sleep. OSA also can contribute to serious risks including high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, and other physical conditions as the body is deprived of oxygen from this sleep disorder. Persons with certain symptoms are encouraged to investigate the possibility they are experiencing obstructive sleep apnea. Some warning signs include excessive daytime sleepiness, other people in the household are aware of very loud snoring and/or gasping while sleeping, difficulty concentrating and remembering things, or a dry mouth or throat upon waking.

Dr. Jamil Alkhoury and the associates of Brentwood Family Dental can help with the important step of having the sleep disorder diagnosed, as well as, with subsequent treatment of OSA. Unique to most other providers, we are able to perform our own certified sleep studies to diagnose the condition. Once established, comfortable and innovative treatment can be initiated immediately. We offer an innovative alternative to noisy and cumbersome CPAP machines for treatment of OSA. Current technology allows us to provide a patient with a mouthpiece designed to reposition the jaw which works to eliminate sleep apnea very simply in many patients.

If you live in the Walnut Creek area, and you or someone in your household is experiencing the effects and symptoms associated with obstructive sleep apnea, schedule your consultation right away with Dr. Alkhoury. The process to better sleep and truly better health doesn't have to be difficult. We are trained to provide what is considered all the "normal" dental procedures to treat your entire family, as well as to become your sleep apnea dentist too.
Last Updated - November 2015

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