TMJ treatment in the Walnut Creek, CA area may alleviate chronic headache pain

Headaches are small problems that most people will experience from time to time. From one person to another, a headache will feel different. For some, mild tension at the back of the neck or near the temples is short lived. For others, headaches are more serious in nature, causing side effects like nausea, pain behind the eyes, or sensitivity to light. When a headache is only an occasional discomfort, pain relief may be as simple as over-the-counter medication and rest. For the chronic headache sufferer, a higher standard of care is necessary.

We think of our dentist as the person who cares for our teeth. However, many people are finding that a consultation with their dentist is actually the catalyst for headache relief.

Solving the problem of headaches

Headaches usually occur as a result of some other problem. For instance, lack of sleep may cause discomfort. There is also the possibility for food allergies, muscle tension, stress, and medical conditions to be the root cause of headaches. Additionally, headaches may stem from dysfunction in the jaw. The condition known as TMJ disorder may be overlooked if clues are not detected.

TMJ disorder occurs when the Temporomandibular joints located in the cheek area becomes taxed with undue stress. The joints are responsible for orchestrating a number of movements in conjunction with various muscles, nerves, and ligaments in the head, face, and neck. When they become overstressed, some ligaments and muscles may shorten while others lengthen. Coupled with pressure, the unevenness of structures can lead to pain not only in the jaw or face but also in the head, neck, ears, and shoulders.

At Brentwood Family Dental, we offer TMJ treatment tailored to relieve discomfort in our patients from Walnut Creek and other CA cities. Fortunately, TMJ can be treated non-invasively and often without medication. Using a specifically designed oral appliance, Dr. Alkhoury facilitates the proper alignment of the oral structure in a very comfortable way. As the jaw is relieved of stress, often due to clenching or grinding, the joints and their complementary tissues can heal from inflammation. The result: improved comfort and quality of life.

Call the office of Dr. Jamil Alkhoury for your TMJ evaluation. 925-344-5296.

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