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"Not only did they give me a local anesthetic to make sure I didn't feel any pain during my procedure, they paused every few minutes to make sure I was still comfortable and okay. I felt like they really cared about me. Whenever I make an appointment, I'm always confident that they're going to be ready for me at my scheduled time.Read More...
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“Thirty white horses upon a red hill, now they champ, now they stamp, now they stand still.” It’s an old riddle for children, but it holds more than a grain of truth. Those thirty white horses represent your strong, vigorous permanent teeth, and that red hill is your healthy gum tissue. If you have a gap from a missing tooth, your white horses won’t be able to chew thoroughly and smile beautifully. With revolutionary technology and uncommon artistry, Dr. Jamil Alkhoury can now restore that missing steed in a single day!

A variety of factors can cause a space in your smile:

  • Congenitally missing – a permanent tooth that never grows in.

  • Trauma causing a vertical or deep horizontal fracture which requires extraction.

  • A tooth avulsed (knocked out) by trauma – a fall, accident, or hit.

  • Advanced periodontal disease – deep pockets around the tooth, causing it to lose support from soft tissues and diseased bone.

  • A tooth extracted for orthodontic purposes.

Tooth in a Day Brentwood CA - Tooth in a Day Patient testimonials video Regardless of the cause, whether the tooth has just been lost or has been missing for a lifetime, most patients are good candidates for same-day dental implants. We call it “tooth in a day,” and the procedure allows us to place the implant, post, and restoration (crown) in one visit. Instead of a process that takes several months to complete, you go home with a replacement that feels, functions, and looks just like a natural tooth.

Your same-day implant is a painless procedure. Healing time is brief, with little post-operative discomfort. Dr. Alkhoury can replace a single tooth with this method, or several.

A denture that slips or wobbles is embarrassing! It may cause you to avoid foods you love, speaking in public, or even smiling. “Tooth in a day” is a wonderful alternative to that situation, as well, turning your annoyingly lose denture into a fixed one with same-day implants with just a bit of pre-qualification. Your confidence and chewing function will improve, and you’ll never need gooey denture adhesive again!

Call Brentwood Family Dental today and ask for our “tooth in a day.”
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