Your dentist near Antioch can help you regain full confidence with same day teeth implants

The loss of natural teeth can lead to a number of unpleasant consequences. Although dentures have been a standard go-to treatment, this tooth-replacement option can leave you feeling so uncomfortable that you find yourself not wearing your new appliance.

Dentures that do not meet your needs are simply not acceptable, as you may find yourself avoiding situations in which you will have face-to-face contact with other people. You don't have to let the embarrassment of missing teeth or unstable dentures keep you from confidently handling business or visiting with family and friends. Your smile can be restored with help from your dentist near Antioch. At Brentwood Family Dental, we offer same day teeth implants that last years, and make an immediate difference in your quality of life.

Innovation at its best

Over the years, innovative dental professionals have designed the only permanent replacement for natural teeth. Dental implants have been used for several decades now with numerous advances made in design. Although they are standalone devices, implants make wonderful accompaniments to full denture appliances. Techniques such as the all-on-4 have been developed, leading to greater stability in full-arch dentures.

Undergoing same day teeth implants is a simple process. In a consultation, your needs for tooth replacement will be evaluated and discussed, and the details of dental implant treatment provided. Most people make fine candidates for same day implant treatment, even in cases where extraction will be a part of the process.

Replacement of all teeth using the all-on-4 technique combines a well-crafted denture appliance, and the insertion of four dental implants. These titanium posts are strategically positioned in the jaw for the most stable foundation. The location in which implants are inserted may be determined by the amount of healthy bone tissue available.

Implants are a superior form of tooth replacement, addressing not only the lost visible structure, but also the missing root system. The benefits of dental implants are far-reaching, extending even beyond the security gained for dentures. In replacing missing roots, we are able to ensure that bone tissue in the jaw is adequately stimulated and, therefore, preserved for a lifetime.

If you are living with unstable conventional dentures, a removable partial denture that does not suit your lifestyle, or missing teeth, Dr. Alkhoury can offer a viable treatment option with dental implant technology.

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