Brentwood dentist offers same day dental crowns

These days it seems that everyone’s schedule is filled to capacity. Being pulled in many different directions seems to be the norm. At the same time, your health should remain a priority. That’s why it’s good to know that Dr. Jamil Alkhoury of Brentwood Family Dental respects you and your valuable time and offers same day dental crowns through the extremely efficient and convenient “tooth in a day” procedure.

Once your situation is assessed and deemed appropriate for same-day dental implants, a missing or lost tooth can quickly and easily become a thing of the past. If you are dealing with dentures and the messy, unreliable adhesives that go along with them, much can improve with dental implant treatment. No longer do you have to dread the long drawn-out process previously associated with permanent implants. Pain is all but eliminated and only minimal healing is necessary with the innovative “tooth in a day” procedure. The entire procedure is scheduled to be completed in one day, after which you will leave feeling more attractive and more confident. You are better able to function and again eat what you enjoy without difficulty due to a now full and natural-looking set of teeth.

The tooth-in-a-day procedure provides long-lasting benefit free from the everyday hassle experienced with other temporary or removable appliances. Satisfactory implantation is achieved through evaluation of 3D images by Dr. Alkhoury, who then positions the implant precisely in the most desirable location based on the needs of each individual. This is one of the ways in which outstanding results are achieved, as lauded by so many of our patients.

In the long term, overall health is improved by implant treatment because the delicate bone structure is stimulated below the gums, just as in the natural oral anatomy. Implants also act as a replacement of the missing root structure, where dental appliances such as a denture or bridge only sit on the surface. In instances where the supporting bone is not involved below the gum surface, deterioration will happen over time; thus, this innovative procedure allows the patient to maintain a more natural and comfortable mouth and jaw structure.

Whether your situation involves just one tooth or several teeth, don’t let another day go by. Call and schedule a consultation today with Brentwood Family Dental. You deserve to give yourself and Dr. Alkhoury a day to permanently improve your smile.
Last Updated - October 2015
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