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Sometimes we do not realize just how precious each tooth is until one is lost. Up until about thirty years ago, the only solution to a single missing tooth was a fixed dental bridge. This option is still available today, but is rivaled by the capabilities of dental implants. Considered the premier tooth replacement, implants are the only permanent solution to missing teeth. Where only one tooth is concerned, a single implant can restore function quickly and effectively without affecting healthy teeth in the process.

It is important to fill spaces between teeth after tooth loss. Working with a skilled dentist near Walnut Creek, restoration can feel just like natural teeth. The standard implant procedure, however, typically requires several steps, lending to the idea that implant treatment is complex. Typical steps for standard implant treatment include:

  • Consultation. Your implant dentist will perform an evaluation to ensure that implants are right for you. This treatment is ideal in most situations. However, those who have experienced a great deal of bone loss may require bone grafting.

  • Implant placement. This takes place in a subsequent visit. Local anesthetic is administered and a tiny incision made so that the titanium implant post can be precisely and gently inserted and secured in the jawbone. The implant post may be re-covered with gum tissue, a healing collar, or a temporary restoration.

  • Healing. Recovery from implant treatment is actually quite mild. Most patients experience little discomfort after anesthetic wears off. Healing takes several months. During this time, bone tissue gradually fuses to the implant, securing it into place.

  • Restoration. Once the implant has stabilized in the jawbone, a beautiful dental crown is placed. This final step may take place as much as six months after the initial implant procedure.

As dentists have become more familiar with dental implants and the amazing capabilities of the jawbone, a new and improved method of tooth replacement has emerged. At Brentwood Family Dental, patients need not wait months for the placement of their final restoration. Many of our tooth replacement patients can receive same day restorations. In just one procedure, it is possible to say goodbye to gaps between teeth due to tooth loss.

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