Improving oral health with same day tooth implants

Dental implants are a fascinating aspect of our practice, improving the way we approach the restoration of function after the loss of a tooth or teeth. Implants themselves consist of multiple parts, starting with a tiny post that is inserted into healthy jawbone. Atop of the post sits an abutment, or a connector that affixes the implant post to the artificial tooth, or crown. Dental implants have been used by oral surgeons since the early eighties, but have improved and gained popularity due to their high success rate and permanent results.

While any type of dental implant provides a higher level of security compared to traditional dentures or bridgework, there is a single drawback to this state-of-the-art procedure: time. Typically, the dental implant procedure takes months to complete. First, the implant post is inserted and covered to heal. In three to four months, an abutment is placed and left to heal for a few weeks, and, finally, the crown is affixed to the abutment. Striving for a better process, we provide same day tooth implants in our Brentwood practice.

Whether the implant process takes more time, or is completed in a single visit using 3D imaging technology, the result is the same - a fully functional and aesthetically pleasing smile. In fact, incorporating 3D imaging into the implant process allows your surgeon to place each post precisely in the ideal location for optimal function. With such a skilled guide, the implantation process is not only more accurate but also more speedy.

One of the benefits of same day tooth implants is a faster recovery. Although a new tooth is immediately in place, it may be best to allow the soft tissue some healing time before jumping back into a diet that includes foods that require ample chewing or are hard, like corn chips or carrots. Consuming a softer diet for a few days may simply feel more comfortable, as well.

Replacing a lost tooth with an implant is ideal, for bone is adequately stimulated, allowing for maintained structure over time. To learn more about dental implants or our same day procedure, contact us today. Back to Tooth in a Day Home Page
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