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Several decades ago, the development of dental implant treatment changed the way we look at tooth replacement. Still today, people are realizing the immense benefits that are available with this treatment. Technology has continued to advance, improving on an already-spectacular dental treatment.

Perhaps one of the only drawbacks to dental implant treatment has been the time needed for healing to occur beneath the gums. The beauty of implants is that they become a permanent part of the jaw structure. The process of this integration, however, takes two to six months to complete. Typically, dental implant patients would spend this healing period without the crown, bridge, or denture in place.

The advances that have been accomplished in the last decade now solve this problem. Many of our patients can enjoy the benefits of same day tooth implants, performed in our office near Oakley, CA.

This new and improved process is convenient and effective, consisting of three phases.

  • Initial consultation – When you meet with your dentist for tooth replacement, a thorough examination and consultation will be completed. Dr. Alkhoury will listen as you discuss your concerns, and your desired outcome of treatment. He will then examine your oral structure to determine if same-day tooth implants are the most suitable treatment to accomplish your goals.

  • Implant procedure – On the day of treatment, you will arrive in our office, where we will make sure you are comfortable in our treatment room. Local anesthetic is administered. You will feel no discomfort during the implant procedure. If necessary, teeth needing extraction will be removed. High-quality dental implants made with biocompatible materials will be strategically positioned in the jaw based on specific need. Implants will be topped with their appropriate prosthetic, which may be a crown, bridge, or denture. Following treatment, you will leave our office with your beautiful new smile.

  • Recovery – Even with the completion of both the implant post and prosthetic tooth or teeth in one visit, there is still healing that occurs within the jaw. Bone tissue, over the course of a few months, will fuse around implants to form a solid foundation. Although the presence of new teeth allows you to look and feel great, it may be most beneficial to keep the diet free of hard, crunchy foods for a time.

Experience and expertise

Dr. Alkhoury of Brentwood Family Dentistry has undergone extensive training, and has restored the smiles of many patients with dental implants. Our team is dedicated to the success of tooth replacement treatment, and we work with you every step of the way for the desired outcome.

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